Who Are We?

Finx Brokers, with its approach that cares about the needs of investors, is proud to stand by its investors with its expert and experienced personnel, by preserving its principles and values in foreign exchange buying and selling transactions since 2019, and adopts being a party to its customers.

Who Are
Finx Brokers?


Finx Brokers is a worldwide house that started trading online as of 2020.

With Finx Brokers
Go Out of the Standard !

Finx Brokers, with its approach that cares about the needs of investors, is proud to stand by its investors with its expert and experienced personnel, by preserving its principles and values ​​that have been ongoing since 2019 in foreign exchange buying and selling transactions, and adopts being a party to its customers.

Our goal is to provide accurate and quality service to our customers with the service and product infrastructure we have established.

We continue to grow by strengthening our product and service structure throughout the period. We are constantly improving our capital structure and financial data, our service personnel, our products and standards, and we aim to do the best.

Finx Brokers is built on Specialization.

As Finx Brokers, our aim is to try to serve with expert employees who know and love their job well.

Finx Brokers offers the most suitable environment uninterruptedly with the platforms it provides for you to manage your risk and money correctly in the stock market, where many products are combined.

Finx Brokers will be the choice of conscious investors seeking profit, not players.

With its demo platforms, Finx Brokers provides the opportunity for customers to have a transparent idea about the product variety and technological infrastructure by experimenting.

Finx Brokers

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to choose Finx Brokers. The main ones are;

Enter the stock market fully equipped with the trainings prepared by our expert trainers.

In the financial markets, you can earn not only from the upward movements, but also from the downward movements.

You can trade according to the multiples of your money by taking advantage of the opportunities up to.

Be aware of current market developments with market analyzes made by our investment experts and choose the right strategy.

You can benefit from the advantages suitable for your investment amount with account types specific to each investor.

You can catch the market speed in all your deposits and withdrawals.

  • The History of Trade

    The history of the stock market dates back to the era of the barter economy. In the era of barter economy, a commodity was found in value according to the commodity to be received in return. After a while, with the invention of money and the increase in national and international trade, the value of a commodity began to be expressed in monetary terms.

  • Bretton Woods Agreement

    The currencies of the countries that are party to the agreement and have agreed to fix their national currency to gold prices have started to appreciate in terms of the US dollar. The dollar remained the only national currency that could be converted to gold.

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Finx Brokers


How do I open an account?

To open an account at Finx Brokers; Your account will be opened by our investment experts after you send your ID copy and address confirmation via e-mail.

How to Trade on Demo Account?

After opening an investment account with Finx Brokers, you can evaluate your investments in many products. Along with the trainings you will receive from our experts, you can also evaluate your own investments by reading graphics and interpreting the market. If you wish, you can direct your investments in line with the information given by our experts and with the daily signals chosen by our expert staff for you.

How Do I Move My Account?

When you want to move your open positions at another broker to us; First of all, an investment account is opened at Finx Brokers. You can evaluate your investments through us after they are matched with your transactions at the other broker.

Can I Withdraw Instantly?

You can instantly request and perform the withdrawal of your free collateral balance, using any method you want.

How do I deposit money into my account?

You can make it to your investment account at Finx Brokers using one of the following methods: Bank Transfer-EFT, SWIFT, Crypto Transfer, Credit Card.